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Peta Hysen Art.

humans and nature - plastics and our reefs







    Peta is an Australian artist with a passion for the environment. Having traveled the world and lived in Europe for many years her heart never strayed far away from early experiences of the beauty and majestic wonder of the Great Barrier Reef.  Her art work represents this beauty through abstract representations of coral in all its glorious colours, while highlighting the impact of pollution and plastics through the introduction bar codes in every picture.

    These amazing paintings will brighten any room.  Original paintings are available for purchase, while limited edition prints will provide years of pleasure through high quality reproduction using archival quality paper and Giclee digital printing techniques.

    10% of the profits from all sales will be donated to the Great Barrier Reef Legacy conservation fund and Great Barrier Reef Foundation helping protect and restore the Reef for future generations. 

    See our FAQ (at the bottom of the page) for more information.

    Peta lives by the philosophy that while we may not be able to save the Great Barrier Reef alone, if we all make a small contribution, together we will make a huge difference.  And every great journey starts with a single step.



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